gauntlet legends gauntlet legends Dynamo HS-5 Cabinet
Gauntlet Legends - Atari 1998 Virtua Racing Deluxe - Sega 1992 Dynamo HS-5 Universal Cabinet

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Copying Hard Drives and Compact Flash Cards in Arcade Game Machines

Hard drive image As games graphics and game play increase the use of hard drive and CD ROM drives have become very popular in arcade games. Using a hard drive in a arcade machine can become an operators repair nightmare. Long operation hours, dusty machines, jarring impacts, careless handling, and lack of cooling all contribute to a high rate of failure for hard drives and CD ROMS in an arcade machine. Some manufactures use a 2.5" laptop sized hard drives instead of the 3.5" version. Although the laptop drives have superior shock and vibration resistance they over time also fail. I have been working on upgrading the hard drive to a compact flash card. More info as it comes.
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